Pregnancy Dos = Fail City

So apparently I am pregnant? I know, news to me as well. Also apparently I am fairly pregnant which is also a shock. So fairly pregnant that in 5 days I am having my 20 week scan.

Everyone keeps asking if I know what it is….first off – if I knew what it was, why would I be paying for another ultrasound?….Okay well one could argue there is that whole checking for correct body parts and what not….so I suppose we could argue that would be the real reason behind the 20w u/s…but let’s get real. We all know why I am doing a 20 week u/s –  to see what’s between those legs!

Do I even need this disclaimer? Well here it is – let’s not get crazy up in arms about what a terrible person I am for teasing that I only want to know the sex. Mmmkay? Obviously I am a jokster…although in the words of Garfunkle and Oats:

“Don’t care if it’s brain dead
Don’t care if it’s limbless
If it has a penis”

Obviously a joke folks – stay calm.

Maybe it’s neivety, maybe it’s because I am too sleepy, but this time everything feels okay. I don’t feel as nervous and anxious as I did with Jack. The anatomy scan for him was such a big deal. I recall feeling such relief at each thing she named off that she was checking for. This time I don’t feel that same anxiety.

I am not feeling much worry at all this pregnancy. At least about the pregnancy itself (because obviously I am still worrying every day about Jack-related and life-related things). I feel like the birth will be fine. I haven’t had many questions for my midwife. I haven’t felt a need to reread any of the books. And I certainly haven’t thought about preparing for a second child at all yet.

The only preparation I have done is to get another crib mattress and put it on the floor next to Jack’s crib. He is sleeping like a champ outside of the crib. Well he still hates going to bed, but that is a story for another day. But (probably jinxing myself right now) when I go get him in the morning so far he is still on the mattress. I was just waiting to find him laying passed out on top of a pile of stuffed animals in the corner or something.

The plan is to take the mattress out of the guest room and move it to the floor in his room. Then convert said guest room to baby dos’ room. We would have done the bed switch sooner except my mother-in-law just came for a visit…..Now that is DEFINITELY a story for another blog post. So I will get on that ASAP. So anyway, as much as we joked that it would be hilarious to do that before she arrived and then be like ‘here is your tiny mattress on the floor’, of course we are not animals.

And a friend had a spare crib mattress they weren’t using so voila! we tested it out. I figured having two mattresses would be great so that if sleeping outside the crib didn’t work out – and you know that discovery would come in the middle of the night – I could just plop him back in the crib without worrying about moving a mattress and bedding while half asleep. Anyway, so far so good. And now that the MIL is gone the question is, when will we make the crib/bed exchange?

With Jack I was so primed and ready to start his room. This time I am just not as concerned. Maybe I just realize how much time is still left. I remember thinking there was barely any time my first pregnancy. Things are definitely breezing along at a rapid pace, but 20 weeks is still a fair amount of time. And I can pull off a nursery in just a few weekends if necessary.

One thing I have been slacking on, and which I do feel terrible about, is starting a diary! I started a diary for Jack a few weeks after I found out I was pregnant. I wrote telling him everything I felt and all the stages…..I haven’t even bought a diary for baby dos! Poor baby dos! It is borderline child-abuse at this point, I know.

I have been feeling movement for about 3 weeks now. It is amazing how you don’t really remember what that feels like until it happens again. It is sad to think you forget….I wish I could somehow bottle it up and keep the memory of the feelings forever.

The biggest challenge for me is I don’t feel like I look pregnant….I look like a college student who partakes in too many keggers and dining hall ice cream. We went to Taste of Colorado last weekend and I walked around eyeing other women with my same body shape trying to determine if they were pregnant too or if I just now look like a woman who wears too tight of pants and tops that give you that muffin top/spare tire look. Ahhh the look desired by so many.

Maternity pants don’t help hold in my love handles….I am not sure how to engineer maternity pants that would give your belly room to breathe and yet control your love handles….but I won’t give up people! Mark my words.

Ironically I haven’t gained any weight. My midwife seemed cool with it the first visit…the second she made some comments about how I should double my breakfast intake to “help with my weight gain”….I checked the scale a few days ago and now I am in panic mode because Friday is another appointment and I feel like I at least need to gain a pound or two. Don’t worry people, this is a challenge I am willing to accept!

If I was going to analyze it, I would say the lack of weight gain is probably related to muscle loss. I was running a lot and I have since resorted to mostly walking with minimal light jogging. I know the stamina I had built up is shot, so I assume that’s the culprit.

So even without a scale change, apparently my body thinks it’s funny to “rearrange” things. I am a chunkier person to begin with, but I had the great fortune of things being semi-proportionate. Maybe I was living in denial, but these love handles seem new….and I don’t like them one bit!

Anyway I am obviously stupid excited to be pregnant…at least when I remember that I am. Mostly I just feel like I have mono or something. I can’t wait to find out what we are having and even though I don’t really have a good idea one way or the other, I do know that whatever it is, it’s going to be the perfect addition to our family.

I can see myself surrounded by boys….cheesus help me with that one because Jack just recently started picking up snakes and bugs from the yard, plus I will seriously be outnumbered when it comes to watching my TV shows…or I can see the balance of having one of each. I waffle back and forth on what sounds better. And it changes from day-to-day, which just shows that either way will be just peachy. Stay tuned I will let you know when I know.


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Dos = Fail City

  1. I was gonna ask if you would be sharing the news, then I read your last sentence. 🙂 I can’t wait to find out, how exciting!! I have no idea when we will tackle the transition out of C’s crib. I keep using our move as an excuse to put off things, like that and potty training, but I don’t feel like we are getting any closer to moving and she’s just getting older. Sigh, one will have to give soon.

    Glad to hear you are moving right along in your pregnancy, relaxed, and enjoying it – when you remember, ha! And oh the baby kicks…love!

  2. I’ve been really similar this pregnancy – just…relaxed. It’s kinda nice, and weird.

    I agree about the movement – I had also forgotten what it felt like. So bizarre to think you can just forget something like that!

  3. Yep, I hear you. I felt so bad about not savoring every moment, but you know what, Pregnancy Uno and Pregnancy Dos are just DIFFERENT. And it’s good training for the fact that baby Uno and baby Dos are too, even if you end up with two boys. Anyhow, so happy that things are ticking along.

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