“I will not be ignored” – Baby Dos

Today has been a considerable movement sort of day. (Whack Whack Whack)….Hey…..Hey pay attention to me!….he seems to be saying.

At times it seems like this kid is getting the short end. A mom could drive herself crazy thinking about “equality”. Instead I have settled on “unequal, yet unique”. There hasn’t been as much photography, there has been zero getting ready specifically for this baby, there hasn’t been as much attention period. And we all know why….because I was busy to start with this go ’round.

But it’s fine. I am okay with it. A girl might have offered up something a little different, but I am realizing the ease and simplicity of it all and that really, at the end of the day, “keep it simple stupid: KISS” is one of my favorite sayings/mottos.

Every so often my mom would bring home a copy of Real Simple. It has that same etherial feel of watching Martha Stewart, which is what had to attract her too it….of course we all know how Real Simple Martha is Not. I still find myself attracted to this magazine – amused by the idea of it as well. A magazine to help you figure out how to simplify your life…..for some reason it is funny to me.

But when I think about our house as it is, I realize we have just about the maximum amount of stuff that I’d like. I am always a fan of purging and I do that pretty often, but it is more relaxing to realize we have everything that we need for this little fella.

Knowing that, and also knowing how things went with Jack, I am also in no rush to get ready for the baby. Jack slept downstairs with us for almost a year. First in bed, then in his pack-n-play, eventually in the pack-n-play in the closet across the hall, but point being, he didn’t actually need his room for a year. So while I was all poised at 20 weeks to start tearing down our guest room, now I am thinking of waiting.

We are also discussing the idea of putting the boys together when we do move baby dos upstairs. That’s one we will play by ear when the time comes.

I had to fight off pangs of guilt when I realized I didn’t see a real need to make new crib bedding for baby dos. As much of a sewing nerd that I am (and as much as I love any kind of excuse to buy fabric) a wave of ease flushed over me when I realized that reusing the bedding made perfect sense (not to mention appealed to my hippie core).

The gist of all this being: I’m learning to embrace the simplicity offered to me.

That being said, at my midwife appointment on Friday, Karen told me that her most recent birth was predicted to be a 3rd boy for the couple and turned out to be a girl. It was a pretty hilarious story actually. They didn’t even realize it for quite some time. The dad went out to the store to grab some forgotten items and Karen was in another room when she herd ‘gasp! it’s a girl!’ Karen said she rarely looks when the baby comes out, since the baby goes onto mom and her attention goes back to the lady bits. She told me about how excited the wife was to surprise her husband when he returned home. He walked in and said “are these the right things?” and she responded “they’re fine, forget that, come meet your daughter!”. Too cute.

The same doctor who did this mom’s U/S did mine, so I think she was telling me as a sort of FYI. Although she followed it up by saying “although in the 25 years he’s been practicing this might be the first one”.

I guess we shall see what/who comes out. These theories of simplicity could get turned upside down come January/February.

The things I have finally started include a journal! Woohoo! Obviously I meant to do it long ago, but better late then never.

I’ve also started nesting in other ways. Cleaning the carpets, organizing rooms, cleaning the roof gutters…you know the usual. Yes I was a 5 month preggo crawling around on my own roof. Andy asked me to let him do it, but I had asked him to paint some cabinets for our bathroom, so I didn’t want to be the pregnant lady standing around watching him do a bunch of stuff. While I was up there I thought ‘if I live through this, yay for women! if I fall off the roof, this was a really dumb idea’. Turns out I lived, so rest easy friends.

I’ve been working hard to conquer my fears of ladders lately. I’ve spent a lot of time on roofs for work and every time I find myself gripping to the ladders for dear life. I am trying to get over that. Sure pregnancy is maybe not the time to do that, but whatevs. When in Rome…or something.

I try to stop every now and then and just talk to this little human. Let him know that whilst his brother is kind of an attention whore, that I love him and will take good care of him too. From the frequency and strength of his kicks it seems he’ll be able to hold his own.




Freaking Out/Not Freaking Out

A few weeks ago I noticed a “defect” with my otherwise exceptionally perfect baby wait toddler (no, he will always be my BABY!) Jack. Obviously the first reaction was to go completely mental and freak-out about how this would affect his entire life, blame myself (must have been something I did…and if not, at least something I should have noticed before this point), worry, worry some more, try not to worry, tell myself I am being silly – he is fine and it’s no big deal,  go back to worrying, imagine him not being able to do things like other children, freak out that other children will notice, laugh at myself for being ridiculous, stop worrying,…and you guessed it – start worrying again. You get the drill. Repeat that about 9 billion times and we’ve about covered it.

So what is the “defect” you might ask?


“I’ve been drinking too much” – Jack’s eyes

As you can see from this photographic evidence he doesn’t fully straighten his left thumb. The discovery was made after an incident where he closed his hand in his plastic toilet lid and started as just an ‘oh no, what if he broke his thumb?’.

But after watching him like a hawk and trying to straighten it gently while repeating the words “does this hurt buddy?” (Jack laughs at me) “buddy am I hurting you?” (laughter), I realized that it doesn’t seem to be broken and he doesn’t ever fully straighten it. I decided to watch it for a few days to see if it was in fact related to said lid accident, or if this was something that has been happening for a while.

After obsessing about it, it appears like this is something that completely slipped my attention until now. It’s not as right-angly (remember geometry? who knew that would come back to haunt you?) all the time as it is in the picture. He straightens it to about 45 degrees-ish. But even with light pressure I can’t get it to straighten all the way. It is like it is caught on something.

Andy googled it while I pondered the impending doom his “not completely straightened” thumb might cause him throughout his life, and he came back with something called “trigger finger“. Who knows if this is what it is, but the description sounds about right.

We talked about it – Andy remaining calm and maintaining the idea that it is no big deal and me being worried it means worst case scenario of him needing some kind of amputation okay okay surgery.

Suffice it to say, I am trying to not worry about it too much. I figured we would try an “exercises” approach to see if we can straighten it over time and see what happens. We could schedule a special appointment with the doctor (what I want to do), but considering it doesn’t hurt him or impede him in anyway, it seems a little silly to make a special trip rather than just wait for his next check-up. So I am being patient and trying not to worry. But it is just kind of amazing how much you go through as a parent over something pretty minor.

He has no trouble gripping things or doing any activity…and besides just looking like he is giving you the drunk version of a thumb’s up, really is there something you absolutely can’t do unless both of your thumbs are perfectly straight?….let me know if there is because obviously then I will have something to add to my guilt trips.

Being a parent is hard yo.