Freaking Out/Not Freaking Out

A few weeks ago I noticed a “defect” with my otherwise exceptionally perfect baby wait toddler (no, he will always be my BABY!) Jack. Obviously the first reaction was to go completely mental and freak-out about how this would affect his entire life, blame myself (must have been something I did…and if not, at least something I should have noticed before this point), worry, worry some more, try not to worry, tell myself I am being silly – he is fine and it’s no big deal,  go back to worrying, imagine him not being able to do things like other children, freak out that other children will notice, laugh at myself for being ridiculous, stop worrying,…and you guessed it – start worrying again. You get the drill. Repeat that about 9 billion times and we’ve about covered it.

So what is the “defect” you might ask?


“I’ve been drinking too much” – Jack’s eyes

As you can see from this photographic evidence he doesn’t fully straighten his left thumb. The discovery was made after an incident where he closed his hand in his plastic toilet lid and started as just an ‘oh no, what if he broke his thumb?’.

But after watching him like a hawk and trying to straighten it gently while repeating the words “does this hurt buddy?” (Jack laughs at me) “buddy am I hurting you?” (laughter), I realized that it doesn’t seem to be broken and he doesn’t ever fully straighten it. I decided to watch it for a few days to see if it was in fact related to said lid accident, or if this was something that has been happening for a while.

After obsessing about it, it appears like this is something that completely slipped my attention until now. It’s not as right-angly (remember geometry? who knew that would come back to haunt you?) all the time as it is in the picture. He straightens it to about 45 degrees-ish. But even with light pressure I can’t get it to straighten all the way. It is like it is caught on something.

Andy googled it while I pondered the impending doom his “not completely straightened” thumb might cause him throughout his life, and he came back with something called “trigger finger“. Who knows if this is what it is, but the description sounds about right.

We talked about it – Andy remaining calm and maintaining the idea that it is no big deal and me being worried it means worst case scenario of him needing some kind of amputation okay okay surgery.

Suffice it to say, I am trying to not worry about it too much. I figured we would try an “exercises” approach to see if we can straighten it over time and see what happens. We could schedule a special appointment with the doctor (what I want to do), but considering it doesn’t hurt him or impede him in anyway, it seems a little silly to make a special trip rather than just wait for his next check-up. So I am being patient and trying not to worry. But it is just kind of amazing how much you go through as a parent over something pretty minor.

He has no trouble gripping things or doing any activity…and besides just looking like he is giving you the drunk version of a thumb’s up, really is there something you absolutely can’t do unless both of your thumbs are perfectly straight?….let me know if there is because obviously then I will have something to add to my guilt trips.

Being a parent is hard yo.


3 thoughts on “Freaking Out/Not Freaking Out

  1. There’s just always something to make us worry damn it! I would say make sure to bring it up at his next Dr visit and see what they say. Hopefully it’s nothing that needs surgery, maybe just some PT!

  2. I think there are possible advantages you haven’t considered. Think of how much faster he’ll be at pushing the jeopardy button than all the other contestants since his thumb will already be closer to the button! He’ll be able to pay for his OWN surgery with his jeopardy winnings. But of course he won’t even WANT to get surgery after that because his super thumb enabled him to win millions!

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