You Win Some You Lose Some

I’ve been gone forever. My brain is so all over the place I can’t even decide what to tell you about.

First off I suppose – Jack is a rockstar. Thanks to superhero themed underwear, he potty trained in about two weeks! I was really surprised and completely thought it would take longer than that. We didn’t even need to do a pull-ups at night phase. Where did this awesome kid come from?

My two goals to work toward for Baby Dos’ arrival were to get him potty trained and to move him out of the crib… technically he is out of the crib….but by technically I mean he is back in bed with me/us. Meh, you win some you lose some.

He was actually sleeping just fine on a mattress on his floor for several months until one week he decided sleeping more than an hour at a time alone was not for him. Now as a pregnant person I was at the point where having him in bed with me was the path of least resistance. After the first night, getting him back into his own bed became harder and harder and I became less willing to fight him over it. Soon “i need to sleep downstairs” was said every night.

My midwife said the same thing happened with her oldest son. He moved back into her bed when she was pregnant, but when the baby arrived and disturbed older brother’s beauty sleep, he quickly moved back to his own room. So I choose to believe this issue will solve itself….or we will just forever be that weird hippie family bed people that make the rest of your parents uncomfortable.

I swear this is not a hippie thing at this point. It is an “I need my precious sleep and am too surrounded by pillows to notice another person in the bed with me anyway” type thing. Besides, like I said – fully potty trained totally wins against sleeping in a big boy bed….and if we’re being technical, he IS sleeping in a big boy bed, it just so happens to be our big boy bed. Meh whatever. Win some you lose some.

Another update with a similar theme is money. I decided to stop our extra retirement savings to help free up some money for life. Things were just getting ridiculously tight. It was the end of a long month, we were down to eating ramen noodles and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner (like not at the same time, that would be too fancy) and I looked at our bank accounts. I realized we were allocating about $400 in additional retirement savings (besides our Roths and 401Ks), yet I had to figure out how to avoid a grocery store visit for another 3 nights. So I decided it was time to give us a break.

Of course then a few weeks after the cancellation on those withdrawls was finalized we found out our clay sewer pipe finally gave up the ghost. Really universe? I mean the upside is, now I don’t have that combined with those extra payments, but seriously?

Meh, again, I guess you win some you lose some. I suspect in a few months when we recover from sewer pipe replacement I will reflect on how everything happened as it should…or something like that. I can tell you that after two days of being a sweaty (yes I am sweaty even in cool Fall weather), leaky pregnanty lady, a shower at any cost feels worth it.



3 thoughts on “You Win Some You Lose Some

  1. I totally get the too tired to deal with the kids in the bed thing. I think it sucks that people in our society frown upon that. It’s awesome that he loves you so much to want to sleep with you. And he’s only a toddler for God’s sake, so don’t stress about it!

  2. We had two separate pipes burst on is in the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy. I’ve decided that water pipes just protest when they catch on to an impending new person about to put a strain on their resources.

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