A Good Ole Fashioned Cry

I feel like I am a pretty even-keeled pregnant person….maybe that is just a lie I tell myself. But this morning I just really needed, and therefore participated in, a good ole fashioned cry.

It makes sense right? I don’t remember the last time I had a good cry. And sometimes you just get to the point where it is the only logical solution.

Things I have been attempting to ignore – mostly because there was nothing I could do about them for several more months, so why worry the whole time? – combined with things you just can’t ignore, finally bubbled up and spilled right over the top of my eye lids.

It was literally only a 10 minute cry and I tried to stop myself by saying “stop feeling sorry for yourself, there are so many people worse off right now”, but ironically that just made me cry harder. Because then I felt even worse about feeling like my troubles were such a big deal in the spectrum of sadness around the world.

Don’t worry though, I got it out and it put me in a place where I could then stop and look logically at the individual items once more. And I will tackle them one by one, until they are all figured out.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that I am eating a Harry and David’s pear right now that I have been patiently waiting a week to ripen just perfectly….and let me tell you, as my pile of napkins will attest, it is absolutely perfect and well worth the wait.



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