The Gift that Keeps On Giving

I am not a complainer….wait…that sentence feels so unrefined. Do-over! I am not one to complain (see fancier!), ESPECIALLY when it comes to pregnancy. Because, let’s face it, I am a lucky lucky bitch (and the fancy part of the post is over…thanks for joining me fancy-friends) to have been blessed with one pregnancy, let alone a second healthy one.

But in reality I have been in some pretty noticeable pain the past couple of months.  My pelvis played similar tricks the first-go-round, where it decided “let’s randomly move and shift around”. The pelvis supporting baby dos is an even bigger trickster (no, I did not have a pelvis replacement surgery….it just feels like a different pelvis).

Turns out when you decide you are not too pregnant to haul your 2 year old around all the time and also do a bunch of nesting shit (a.k.a. de-hoarding your house) your pelvis is like ‘fucking hell woman slow down!’….it also probably doesn’t help when you try to do one of those hopscotch courses (Are you 12!?). Some days it will be okay all day, then I will go home, sit on the couch for an hour and then try to get up and I won’t be able to walk at all. I look like a 900 year old trying to walk across ice….only slower.

The last few midwife appointments we have talked about the pelvis pain. Finally at last week’s Karen was like ‘listen, it is time to slow down now. You should probably stop carrying Jack, only hold him while you are sitting down (which breaks my heart) and also you should try a pelvis support belt’… tell me more about this!

So I left the appointment and turned to Dr. Interwebz. Can someone please tell me why when you google “maternity pelvic support belt” you get shopping links for fancy strap contraptions AND rollerblades?….is rollerblading the latest therapy for pelvic instability?

I figured out a store nearby that carried them and went in yesterday. The only thing I have to say is: WHY DID I EVER WAIT SO LONG?!?!?! I tried a couple and decided on the fancier much more complicated contraption. My sister-in-law was with me and was like ‘do you want to go put it on now?’ as I was about to box it back up to go to the check-out. Good call sis…good call.

I walked out of that store a completely different woman. I felt so much better instantaneously that I wanted to cry, or at the very least tell every person that I passed how much better I was feeling. I did declare to my sister-in-law, husband and several friends that I would be getting everyone their very own pelvic support belt for Christmas.

So what have we learned? Basically, don’t be a hero. If you are in pain, sure you can try to muscle through it…especially when you only have 5ish weeks left, but why the hell would you “just muscle through” when you could feel good?

Thanks Universe, I promise I will pay better attention from here on out.

*for those who are curious, it is this one. But I wear it without the top strap because I didn’t see the need for that piece too.



3 thoughts on “The Gift that Keeps On Giving

  1. I wonder if this would have helped me at all. I was in quite a bit of pain the last couple of months, but I guess my pain was lower and I didn’t think a support belt would help – but I have a feeling that’s exactly what they are for and I’m SOO glad that you have gotten some relief!! Hope it stays that way! Can you see it under your clothes much?

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