Cross Legs – Check

So I guess you might be wondering about this pregnancy business. My closest friends are texting me in shock because I finally posted an updated belly picture on instagram…..apparently I haven’t been as audible as I thought about things.


We’ll start here. My 36 week belly pic. From this you can deduce two things: 1st – instagram filters make my skin look much more even and my hair look much redder than it really is…I like this. 2nd – I am very hot…like all the time (temperature-wise in case you were thinking I was super full of myself). It is winter time and yet I am still always freaking hot. That could have to do with the fact that, besides a couple of weeks of negative teen temperatures, Colorado has decided winter is not happening until spring. The whole benefit of being pregnant through winter is supposed to be that you are not hot and sweaty….but apparently I am anyway. So there’s the picture update portion of our show.

On New Year’s Eve we had our midwife home visit where Karen brought the midwife who will be assisting her so we could meet her, she could see where the house was, ask questions, etc. Her name is Melissa and she is from the south, so she has the most adorable accent. She is also about 4 feet tall (give or take about a foot) and pretty hilarious. My boys were instantly infatuated with her. Jack was flirting with her hardcore, giving her batty eyes and giggles. Andy was a slower sell, but the winning conversation was when she told him about a time she cut a baby’s cord with a sterilized hunting knife….he was obviously sold at that point.

What the culmination of my midwife experience has proven is that only 1 of the 4 who have attended/will be attending my births fit the hippie midwife sterotype I was originally expecting. Caroline (who I am sad to say is not going to be able to attend this birth) was the only one who had long hippie braids and who had that hippie ora about her. But she also isn’t as hardcore hippie as like Ina May Gaskin. She’s like “Anthropologie” hippie versus a real “hand-woven-dress-from-your-pet-sheep’s-wool/living-in-an-old-school-bus” hippie.

As I stated the first time I met Karen, she is much more soccer-mom than I expected. Obviously home-birth midwives all share the “hippie” ideals and tactics when it comes to birthing, but apparently they don’t all spend their free time chained to trees or throwing blood on people in fur coats….who knew?

After we walked through the house and talked, they both felt my belly. Little man is in a great position, is VERY low (which I told Karen I had felt him move down a few days before), and has plenty of fluid around him. So things look good.

The only last milestone for me is getting to Monday. 37 weeks is the start of the home birth window. From there he has 5 weeks to make his move. The combination of being able to feel him down in my pelvis and the fact that my hips and pelvis have been so wobbly has me more than a little freaked out about making it to the 37 week mark….I suppose I was more freaked out the last two weeks than I am now. But still. My legs are crossed and I have been trying to take it as easy as I can….which has been a challenge.

Yesterday I helped a co-worker measure a building and when I got back to the office I could barely walk. I actually considered rolling my chair all the way to the break room to refill my water because I was so thirsty, but didn’t want to try to stagger there. And on New Year’s I found myself giving Jack a piggy back ride back from the park up the hill to our house….nothing like taking it easy, am I right?

This weekend though, I have big plans to do mostly nothing. Everything is pretty much prepped. Car seat base is in the car, birth kit/supplies are stacked nicely in one place, teeny tiny clothes are washed and put away….so basically we are ready. Andy just needs to inflate the pool and make sure it doesn’t have any holes, then attach the valve onto the sink so we’re ready to fill it. But those things can totally be accomplished while I am laying on the couch or playing lincoln logs with Jack.

On the flip side of this situation, I have also thoroughly planned out the next several weeks/weekend to make sure I won’t just be waiting around for things to kick-off. Rest and relaxation is just to get into the window, then it’s time to keep busy! Next week I have a Henna session booked (to my inner hippie’s delight), acupuncture (to start aligning all the important shiz), then a girl’s night out Friday, Henna belly pictures, another midwife appt, and then if I am feeling okay, we will take Jack to the Stockshow to look at animals….we shall see.

The weekend after is when we get really pompous in our planning. My dad and his wife offered to take Jack for Friday and Saturday night so Andy and I could have a date weekend. I have been a bit hesitant to plan that too in-depth, but part of me wants to make reservations at a nice restaurant and maybe even a couple’s massage?. I wonder if I can call the spa and be like ‘can you pencil us in lightly?’. That Saturday we are going to prep a bunch of food for the freezer – much easier to do without a toddler’s “help” – and on Sunday my sister-in-law is throwing us a “shower-type-get-together”.

The weekend after that is even more tentative, but I am thinking if things don’t look impending, then we will try to take Jack to the Rodeo. That will get me to my due date…..after that, I have no idea how I will fill the time (but I am totally good at planning, so it won’t be a problem). Something tells me this kid probably won’t wait that long. In fact I am almost counting on him making his move during one of those super busy weekends we have planned just to show us who’s boss.

I am definitely getting excited though. Jack has been samazingly cute. He’s been saying “I’m going to hold my brother…in the monster truck”, which is a natural place to want to hold your brother. We also went to the store on New Year’s and I had him pick out a blanket just for his brother (we have PLENTY of blankets in the house, but they are all Jack’s blankets, so I thought it would be important to have one that was distinctly this little man’s). He seemed really excited about picking it out and wanted to hold it (which I was a little apprehensive if this would mean he then wouldn’t let it be his brother’s blanket).

But we got to the check-out (after also picking big brother out a new superman hoodie….obviously) and Jack declared to the lady “this is for my brother!”. My heart swelled so big that I wanted to die. It was so cute and sweet.

So there’s the update thus far. A baby is coming….sometime maybe soon? Who knows?

3 thoughts on “Cross Legs – Check

  1. Dang that boy is gonna be here soon!!! I guess it seems to have flown by since you haven’t posted as often about this pregnancy. Of course you look absolutely adorable with that belly! The countdown is on! I gotta find you on Instagram, I’m finally posting pictures on there and getting with the times! 🙂

  2. My midwife is a guy, loves to go sailing and drink beer, and is an all around cool guy. Not exactly the hippie Earth-mama people assume I’m using. 🙂 I think it’s been really fun to educate people that home birth isn’t only for “hippies” and that’s it’s really a great, safe, sensible option for low risk mamas! Can’t wait to read all about your experience.

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