Penciling it in

Whelp, I made it! YAY! I was able to not drop a baby out of my lady bits this past weekend and we have officially entered into the Home Birth Window of Happiness…..calling it a window of happiness makes it sound more fun and also like there will be fortune cookies. Although maybe the Window of Happy Luck Joy Joy is more indicative of the fortune cookie aspect.

I texted my midwife this morning that we had made it! And she responded ‘you did, now give that little guy another week or two and let’s rock and roll!’. So I jokingly responded: “okay I will pencil him in for Friday the 17th then? how does your schedule look?”

I highly doubt he will arrive that day, but wouldn’t it be sort of hilarious if he did? I am nothing if not a planner, so if my spawn arrives on the day I tentatively schedule him on my outlook I can’t really say it would be surprising.

I also did something a little crazy today. I registered to attend a 3 day conference that will take place 10 days after my due date… I am pretty sure that is extreme wishful thinking, even for me. But my boss sent an e-mail that we had six spots available and would I like one of them and I responded YES! and that worst case scenario someone could take my spot, which he was fine with. So I registered.

There are a multitude of scenarios that could play out, but the major three are: I could have to pass due to being locked in my basement by the midwife, I could be toting a super teeny tiny baby (who will hopefully be so sleepy and milk drunk that he will just snuggle in the sling for several days straight…I mean I would be sitting at home anyway, why not sit in a conference?), or I could be so freaking pregnant that people will need to roll me from room to room. Whatever happens is fine, but I suppose the favorite scenario is the middle one. Either way, when picking sessions I avoided the several hour walking tour sessions….as exciting as they sounded. Although if I am 10 days past my due date I might be switching that around to ONLY do the walking sessions. 

In true nerd-research fashion, I looked it up and they do rent “mobility scooters” at the convention center… HELLZ YES! They even have little baskets on the front where I can stash snacks. When else am I going to get the opportunity to drive around a scooter without looking like an asshole?

In reality we shall just have to see what happens, but it is a little bit exciting to wonder about when this kid will make his entrance. It is all up to him now, I’ve done my job to get him to this point. The only tasks I have left to do are make sure not to break my pelvis on the ice, drink water and get lots of sleep.




4 thoughts on “Penciling it in

  1. Basket for stashing snacks?!?! WTF stash the BABY in that biz-natch! Enjoy these last few days as a mama of one….and I’ll cross my fingers you make it to the conference!

  2. Holy shit. I just realized you are going to have a warm and snuggly baby in like… days! I’m DYING. And I so wish you were living in Alaska. I want baby snuggles.

    P.S. You are a nut. Don’t go to that conference. Crazy pants.

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