What to Do When Working at Work isn’t Working for You

So the whole point of working up until I go into labor is to have something to fill my time so I am not thinking ‘hmmm wonder when this baby is going to come out?’. The problem is…lately, work isn’t working for me. I have the attention span of a…well I was going to say 2-year-old, but I am pretty sure my 2-year-old has a longer attention span than I do – do fruit flies have a short attention span? I feel like they do.

Perhaps someone else in the world is going through something similar, so I thought “why not compile a to do list?”. So here goes:

Natalie’s 2014 List of What to Do When Working at Work Isn’t Working For You!

  1. Get the swine flu – maybe not what you were expecting, but this is an option….okay okay no it isn’t. I received a text last week from our daycare that the provider’s husband just tested positive for swine flu (more accurately H1N1 for those of us who know it’s not actually “swine flu”)….awesome! So now not only am I freaking out that Jack has brought this home and infected the whole house, but I also have to try NOT to have a baby when I really am ready……but the good news is: researching the swine flu is a distraction….perhaps not a preferable one, but still.
  2. Learn how to use pinterest and then try not to look like a crazy person in front of your friends who are “following” you – this might be a surprise because I am quite the crafting, sewing, what-have-you nut, but until this week I really only had a cursory knowledge of how pinterest works. I got the whole “search” and then “pin” thing, but didn’t realize that most everything had links to other websites where you’d get the actual information…..right so…I am sure this is common knowledge to everyone else in the galaxy, but apparently I just assumed pinterest was for pinning pictures of shit…..I know I know…listen I am pregnant, don’t be too hard on my brain okay! It is trying it’s best. Anyway, I guess now I am a real pinterest user, I don’t just play one on TV. But now the flood gates are open. I can now see why people become extremely addicted to this website and then contract horrible pinterest-related ailments…..whatever those might be.
    Now I have to think about the image I am projecting to my “followers”, which consist of two of my friends and my sister-in-law, but still….you can’t just pin a shit ton of items about pressure canning vs. hot water bath canning and then go off and pin sassy red high heels with a zebra print bow and not look a little schizo….there has to be logic and organization and…..yeah okay whatever, I just look like a crazy person. Pinterest was meant for people who think in “bunny trails” – topic jumping in their head every 2.3 seconds (on average).
  3. Get your math on – you know shit is really real when you start doing math to keep yourself engaged. And when do you know it is really getting bad? When you run “math scenarios”. That is the point I am at….where I am trying to figure out “if I go into labor this day, how long can I stay on maternity leave….what about this day?”. Oh HEY! maybe I can figure out how to put it in a super snazzy spreadsheet so I basically just change my labor date and it updates to give me an output date…..I am actually getting a little turned on about this spreadsheet idea…..I am telling you guys, things are getting desperate up in here!
  4. Figure out appointments to make for yourself – I’ve pretty much overfilled my schedule as much as possible the last couple of weeks to keep the time passing. But I am running out of things to do….or at least things I can physically do. I’ve had acupuncture every week, I’ve had my toes done (although they are growing so fast it might be time again….thanks prenatals!), today I am getting my hair done, I am making lunch plans with friends, I put together a shit ton of frozen meals, I even went to canvas and cocktails….which let me tell you sucks ass when you’re pregnant for two reasons. First, no cocktails obviously; second, they cram like 80 people into a room for 30 and so there are people hip to hip on either side of you….granted mine were my friends, but when you are super pregnant you are claustrophobic due to your own stomach, let alone when other people are right up next to you…..anyway, please send ideas for more appointments I can make for myself…I have run out.
  5. Water/pee challenge – In between work tasks, try to drink as much water as you possibly can. Hydration is obviously important, and the more you get up to pee, the more your day is broken up…..BUT do not drink a shit ton of water and then decide to go read a hilarious blog because you will come dangerously close to peeing your pants. You are not as fast as you used to be and it’s not as easy to just jump up and get to the bathroom in a jiffy…..so beware of this game folks. Pee before you Read: Public Service Announcement
  6. Do some work – don’t get me wrong, I am getting my work done….it just isn’t enough work to keep me fully engaged. Mostly it is keeping track of a ton of tiny tasks and then updating that information on a bullet point list so if I should need to take off, someone knows about where I left everything. It seems counter-intuitive, but working pregnant chicks need a nice meaty project to really keep them engaged and going strong….our brains are too easily sidetracked if there is space to think.

Alright now it’s your turn to add to the list: How did you keep yourself distracted when waiting for your baby to decide it’s go time?


One thought on “What to Do When Working at Work isn’t Working for You

  1. Enjoy the fact that you get to sit around and do as little as possible (a plus for us “lazy” people) during the last few days/weeks of pregnancy. This may be the last time in a while that will be acceptable, other than right after the birth. If you MUST stay busy, go for walks and have as much sex as possible, since, very soon, that will be out. Those things might even induce labor 🙂

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