Heart Implosions

Hands down the most amazing part of having Drew join our lives has been seeing Jack’s reaction to him. I was a wee apprehensive as to how he might feel. I braced myself for whatever might happen but was obviously pleasantly surprised by him. He hasn’t thrown a single fit…granted we are only a week and a half in…but still.

When Jack woke up on Saturday morning, Andy’s mom picked him up and said “guess who came last night?…your baby brother is here!” And she brought him down to meet him. Jack hid against her shoulder as they came into our bedroom.

“Come see your brother!” I said as I pulled him into bed next to me. And from that moment on Jack has been as much a goner for Drew as the rest of us.


He wakes up each day and immediately locates his brother to kiss him. Before he goes to sleep each night he holds his brother and gives him hugs and kisses. It really is as gushy and sentimental as it sounds.


He tells everyone about his baby brother and talks about all the things he is going to teach him.

I couldn’t be a happier momma! I love my sweet big boy so much and couldn’t be prouder of how he has adapted to no longer being the only child.


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