Milk Monster

One might think that breast feeding the second time around would be a cinch….um no…one would be wrong. I guess I didn’t so much think it would be easy, I just assumed my boobs would have been “primed” for suction and would skip over those first few days of extreme nipple pain. As you’ve probably deduced that wasn’t the case and I once again found myself in the situation where when your sweet baby latches you want to jump for joy and punch them in the face all at the same time.

Thankfully we are now past the pain part (well except for nursing marathon days) and getting in the groove of things.

I’ve dubbed Drew “milk monster” because the kid is a nursing machine! He has gained nearly one pound a week these first two weeks! Karen said she likes to see babies gain at least 3/4 of an ounce per day and Drew is averaging nearly 2 1/2 ounces a day!

Milk monster face

The one thing we didn’t go through with Jack that we did with Drew is that first hell storm of crying before my milk showed up. I don’t think mommas talk about it because to be frustrated and worried and a bit hopeless just 24 hours after your dear sweet baby shows up would feel ungrateful in some way. But the truth is, that shit is hard! Your baby is crying and frantic and your boobs hurt like crazy and there’s nothing you can do but continue to put your baby on your boob and hope that eventually some milk will arrive….and of course it did…but it did make me realize that a lot of mommas probably give up on breast feeding right about then. It’s understandable and I feel for every parent who struggles through the “great milk wait”.

Now we are rocking and rolling. Things are good. Drew is a sweet little guy and obviously from his weigh ins my milk arrived and he caught back up to his feverish hunger. Drew’s milk “off switch” does appear to be broken. He will overeat and then projectile spew everywhere. It is crazy the range this kid has!



2 thoughts on “Milk Monster

  1. Yep, those first few days are hard!! I wish I would have tried harder with Chloe, but she just would not latch! We did formula the first few days with both kids, and continued with Chloe, but luckily Drake took to breastfeeding better and we were able to do away with the formula. Love the milk monster!!

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