Victory is mine/ours!!!

Drew takes a bottle!!!
I want to shout this from the rooftops!
For those of you still following from 3 years ago (you deserve an award) you might remember our bottle struggle with Jack. To call it a “struggle” is putting it lightly…it was bottle hell!
We tried every bottle known to man and every position/trick that anyone could think of…and I mean anyone. We looked online, spoke to doctors, to friends and family, hell! I talked to a lactation consultant about bottle feeding…which believe me was probably just as strange for her.
I can’t really quantify the amount of stress and worry that whole ordeal caused. Imagine spending 9 hours at work, 5 days a week, thinking about how your baby is at home starving and screaming his head off.
Now I will tell you (now that it’s over) and everyone will tell you that your baby will NOT starve. He/she will drink from a bottle rather than perish out of stubbornness. But try to convince yourself of this when you are a new mom full of hormones, worry and enough guilt to choke a horse….how much guilt would that be? I dunno? Just go with it.
I would rush home everyday and be taking off my shirt as I walked in the door knowing that Jack had spent the last hour or two in total meltdown mode. He would be frantic!
It took a good 6 months before Andy figured out the correct bottle/position combination to get Jack through a day and I was NEVER able to give him a bottle.
With Drew I was dreading the bottle battle starting practically from the day I got pregnant (bottle PTSD perhaps?). I pulled out our box of 20 different kinds of bottles in prep for his arrival and cringed at the thought of a repeat of Jack.
But this time I was going to do something different! I wasn’t going to listen to anyone. With Jack I read a TON! Too much really. And I listened to a lot of hippies….now being a hippie I wanted to listen to other hippies. But I think with bottle feeding it was our fatal flaw to listen to hippies and hippie-books.
Everyone said don’t rush bottle feeding. Just get breast feeding established and start gathering a small pump supply after a few weeks but worry about a bottle a week or two before you go back to work…poor choices!
Granted who knows how many babies refuse bottles? But I can tell you waiting as long as we did (which I think was 6weeks?) was too long.
So with Drew I decided to go early. I shoved the fears of messing up his latch or derailing bfing and decided to give early a try.
So at 2 1/2 weeks I gave him his first bottle. He was pissed for a few minutes but then seemed to realize there was milk in there…and being a milk monster he was like “MIIILLKKKK rrroooaaarrr!!!” And ate it up.
Not only did he take a bottle but he took a bottle from ME!! With a nice full boob right next to his face! VICTORY!!
Since then I haven’t gone crazy. One of us will give him a bottle every other day or so. But we don’t freak out if we skip a day. In another week or two I might get better about giving him one everyday so he’s ready for daycare, but for now I am just basking in our glory!
Yesterday I decided to get crazy and try a different bottle. VICTORY dos!!
This kid doesn’t seem to care where his milk comes from just put it in his belly!!!
Sweet relief!


3 thoughts on “Victory is mine/ours!!!

  1. Yay! Such a relief, isn’t it? We started both kids on bottles at 3.5 weeks, with varied success. Stella did fine once we found a bottle/nipple combo that didn’t drown her. Harvey will take it… with some grumbling… and usually only from me, not Char. WTF kid?

  2. Wonderful news! Since C was on formula and bottles from day one, I had no idea that this could be an issue…until D came around and refused! I was freaking out, knowing that my maternity leave was coming to an end. He was still very hit and miss with the bottles until my first day back to work where, like you said, he knew if he wanted to eat he’d have to do it from the bottle. Glad that stressor is off your plate!

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