Where’s your thank you note?

Today should be marked down in the record books. It was the first time I had to walk out of a store with Jack because he was throwing a fit.
…in hindsight he wasn’t actually throwing that big of a fit. He was just fussing a little because I put him in the cart rather than let him walk next to me.
I could have let him walk, but all I needed was a box of thank you notes to send out for Drew’s shower and all the people who brought us dinner after his birth. I needed one aisle that happened to be right inside the door. But as I was getting the cart, Jack was saying “I need an airplane!…I don’t have a motorcycle….I need a motorcycle” And his tone was semi-whiney. So I decided to pop him in the cart so we could make it a quick and efficient trip.
As I was standing in front of the thank you cards, just happy to be out and about in the sunshine (I mean seriously I made it out of the house with two kids just 3 weeks in, that’s practically a miracle!!). So when Jack started whimpering about not wanting to be in the cart, at first I tried to hold my concentration on the cards which cards look like us? …but then Drew started fussing and I was like “nope today is not the day” and I walked right back out of the store. I figured it was worth my sanity to not be that mother in the store with two crying kids that everyone feels sorry for.
We got to the car and I realized I have never talked to Jack about appropriate behavior in a store. At least not now that he has more of a grasp on things. Up to now we’ve done what maybe most parents do with their 2 and unders and say things like “Jack if you are good in the store we will have Mac and cheese for dinner” or even “we will get George fruit snacks”….hey, I am not above bribery.
But when we got home I realized we are entering new parenting territory…so we sat down and talked- granted for two minutes. He still has a ridiculously short attention span.
I told him that we left the store because he was throwing a fit and that we don’t throw fits at the store….
Alright let’s be honest….it still might be too soon for him to really grasp and absorb “expected behavior”…but it was super weird to find myself in this new realm of parenting- official parenting where you explain yourself and shit!
So yeah the thank you notes didn’t happen today…I guess we will try again another day.


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