Today I asked Andy if he wanted to come to the groundbreaking for my latest project next week. For some back story- he works nights so asking him to go to a day activity between the hours of 7am and 4pm give or take is obviously asking him to give up sleep… But this was something I wanted him to come to. Here’s the hilariousness that ensued:

Me: hey do you want to come to the groundbreaking next week….it’s at 9am?
Andy: (dramatically) oh then no
Me: why?
Andy: do you want me too?
Me: (sarcastically) no no….it’s fine. um yes, you’ve never been to one of my groundbreakings
A: yes I have!….yeah in San Diego!
M: The margarita place?
A: yeah! They were amazing (We used to go there for dinner and obviously margaritas every Friday night while we waited for the traffic to die down to go home)
M: no there was never a ground breaking (or a grand opening event that included the architects come to think about it….how sad)
A: whatever…that’s my favorite project of yours
M: what? You can’t just like that one because it has margaritas
A: well I do, no matter what other things you’ve done that will always be the most valuable project in my mind.
M: you’re ridiculous! (Busting up laughing)

Basically every project I have done since that restaurant has been a billion times more awesome and unique…but apparently only my projects where you can get delicious margaritas matter.

Screw you 100 year old school! You should have been a bartering college specializing in margaritas.



The body doesn’t easily forget: the longing, the heartache, the pain….they are readily recalled. But it doesn’t forget the good things either: the joy, the elation, the indescribable feeling of completeness.

I found myself awake at 4 am feeding a deliciously fat chunky man. When I saw the clock I couldn’t help myself but to watch the minutes slowly tick by and relive that day 3 years ago. That was the day I wanted more than could really ever be put into words. But for the sake of my boys I will always give it a try.

Three years ago right now I was working to bring Jack into this world. There was a gaping and immeasurable hole in my heart and he came right out and started filling it up.

I pulled his deep breathing and limp body close to me for a few moments while still watching the clock until he gently rolled back to his pillow. I kissed his head and felt his body sigh. I thought about how much I needed him….how much I need him everyday.

He shows me the meaning of all the good things: joy, love, fulfillment. And admittedly he shows me the meaning of the less than good things: worry, frustration, utter terror (boys are insane). But I need all those things to make my life whole.

Dearest Jack – you were wanted, you are loved, you complete me.

Happy third birthday.


Getting Pooped On

Being a parent is really strange if you think too hard about it. I mean, think of your best friend, like your best friend ever and then imagine holding that friend in your arms, looking down at his/her face lovingly as he/she sleeps and then hearing him/her rip ass and shit their pants right on your lap….would you continue looking lovingly down at them? Probably not.

Now imagine your best friend throwing up in just the right position that it immediately drips down your cleavage. And they do this each and every day. Would you continue to oooo and ahh at your bestie after the first couple of times that happened? Again probably not.

As parents we get poop, pee, boogers, slobber, throw up, food, mud, you name it. But we still look at our kids like they are the most amazing and wonderful beings on the planet….well most of the time.

Drew is just over a month old. He is trying to figure out what his arms are for and to coordinate a smile. He obviously had his ability to cry coordinated just fine.

He loves to be snuggled closely in the shower and while he sleeps. He has become quite the chunky monkey and I’ve been told by several strangers now what a BIGGG baby he is….um thanks?

He still retains his “pirate eye”. I choose to believe he likes to open his right eye first to check things out. If they seem worthwhile he will then open his left eye to take in the whole scene. If it’s not interesting enough he will just go back to sleep.

As a result of Drew, Jack has really developed his imagination. He plays so well by himself and we can here him in his room talking about space missions and monster truck races and building castles, etc.

It is amazing and wonderful to watch. I still find myself looking at my kids…MY kids..and thinking how strange it all is. How strange that they exist at all, let alone belong to me. How strange that they are growing and learning and that I have a little part in that. What an amazing gift. My little pooping, peeing, vomiting, messy gifts.