Today I asked Andy if he wanted to come to the groundbreaking for my latest project next week. For some back story- he works nights so asking him to go to a day activity between the hours of 7am and 4pm give or take is obviously asking him to give up sleep… But this was something I wanted him to come to. Here’s the hilariousness that ensued:

Me: hey do you want to come to the groundbreaking next week….it’s at 9am?
Andy: (dramatically) oh then no
Me: why?
Andy: do you want me too?
Me: (sarcastically) no no….it’s fine. um yes, you’ve never been to one of my groundbreakings
A: yes I have!….yeah in San Diego!
M: The margarita place?
A: yeah! They were amazing (We used to go there for dinner and obviously margaritas every Friday night while we waited for the traffic to die down to go home)
M: no there was never a ground breaking (or a grand opening event that included the architects come to think about it….how sad)
A: whatever…that’s my favorite project of yours
M: what? You can’t just like that one because it has margaritas
A: well I do, no matter what other things you’ve done that will always be the most valuable project in my mind.
M: you’re ridiculous! (Busting up laughing)

Basically every project I have done since that restaurant has been a billion times more awesome and unique…but apparently only my projects where you can get delicious margaritas matter.

Screw you 100 year old school! You should have been a bartering college specializing in margaritas.

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