Boys aka “mans”

Well it is officially official. I know announcing it on my blog makes it pretty darn official, but last week Andy put in his notice and we notified daycare.

As of March 1st Andy will have his hands full and the adventure will begin.

I can’t quantify how happy I’ve been the last several weeks. Once we made the decision to make this happen and I went through my scared shitless period, everything after that has been utter excitement and bliss.

I am so excited and happy that Andy is wanting this, that he is taking it on and that our boys will get so much dad time.

What will it actually be like when it starts? Who the hell knows! All I have are my ridiculously ideal imaginings, which I know won’t be right.

But that’s fine, I am ready to take what comes in stride. I know it will still be scary and frustrating and all of those things. But I am just happy to know for now we are giving this a try.

I read this passage recently…and sorry I don’t remember it exactly, but it said something along the lines of “it is amazing to realize how free you are when you let many of the modern expectations go”.

And for now I feel free!

Ask me again in three weeks and it might be another tune! Ha!!


2 thoughts on “Boys aka “mans”

  1. Yay! I’m happy that you’re happy! Lots of big changes over here too… I finished nursing school in August….took my boards (and passed!) just before Christmas….and yesterday was offered the dream job (L&D nurse)….except that the dream job is 30 miles of Northern Virginia traffic away, each way. I start next week. Equal parts terrified and ecstatic!!

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