Surviving Day 1 – Andy’s School for Boys

One of my biggest concerns about our big life change, was worrying Andy would have more time to text and call me during the day and that it might interfere with getting work done. Andy tends to get a little antsy if I don’t respond to him quickly. There are many days where I get home from work and get a little cold shoulder when he asks “why didn’t you text me back?”. So I was more than a little concerned that the first few days (or weeks!) would be us working through that hurdle.

Go figure, I spent the day yesterday wondering if I should call him and check in. I found myself flashing back to the boy’s first days of daycare where I was nervous if they were settling in alright, but this time I was wondering about Andy. I had visions of coming home to him frazzled and angrily handing me the children as he stormed off to fill out job applications. I knew it couldn’t possibly be as bad as all that….but did I really know that for sure?

Color me impressed as I walked through the door to him holding the baby and not looking crazy stressed out. To top it off the living room was not exploded with toys and crumbs, had he seriously found the time to straighten and sweep? Gasp!

What takes the cake about this situation is that I was able to leave the house and be at my desk just 20 minutes later, unlike when dealing with daycare drop off, when I have to find all items needed for the day, make sure kids are fed, bundle them up, wrestle them into a car seat, et cetera, and arrive at work almost an hour after departing the house. So not only am I instantaneously loving mornings more now, but I get to go home earlier. Win-win.

According to Andy, his biggest challenge this week is going to be figuring out Drew’s napping schedule and then figuring out what they can do in the time between. I will also give him extreme credit for the fact that Drew was wide awake yesterday morning at 6am and showed no signs of going back to sleep anytime soon. (The fact that Andy went from staying up all night for the past several years to switching over instantaneously over the weekend and not being a cranky bastard, is extremely commendable.)

I brought Drew to our bed to nurse him, hoping he would just go back to sleep and Andy and I could perform the old switch-er-roo and they could sleep in a bit. But when it came time for the switch, Drew spotting Andy standing behind me and bellowed what sounded like “Hi Dad!”…only in garbled baby speak. We both laughed and Andy said ‘guess we’re up for the day”.

This morning the switch-er-roo was much more successful and hopefully they were able to sleep at least for a little while longer.

The quote of the day for yesterday was:

I found myself switching between frustration and utter adoration with them all day long – Andy.

That is basically the definition of parenting I think. Day 1 down and I’d say so far so good!


2 thoughts on “Surviving Day 1 – Andy’s School for Boys

  1. Way to go, Andy! Sounds like an awesome first day and I hope they continue to all be the same. I had a quick chat with JJ asking for more help around the house, and surprisingly he’s picked up and made dinner two nights in a row and it’s insane how it instantly improves my mood. Just a little help goes a long way, ya know?

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