Sometimes Shit Just Hits the Fan

So the reason I had to post the previous entry, despite it being a month old, is that it signifies the peak of happiness. Life was going so good. We were getting in our groove, we were making progress on simplifying our life and enhancing our togetherness, all that touchy-feely hippie stuff. I felt on top of the world at work, we had just won some pretty significant projects….life couldn’t be better.

Then the shit started flying. First, a deadline got missed at work despite unwavering efforts and pressure on my part to get it coordinated and out on time. Despite it not being my fault, I was on the hook for it with the client. I don’t do well in that situation. I pride myself on keeping clients happy and I feared the situation jeopardized future work with them….which I still think that it might have. That cluster was followed by a mini-blow out with my boss….long story there, but the critical information is I spoke to him about it and we seem to be in a better place.

Then one Friday, after being stuck in solid meetings all morning,  I got out to find multiple texts and missed calls that Andy’s dad had collapsed at the repair shop while picking up his car and was rushed to the hospital. We were the only people in town. So I rushed home praying to the Universe that he was okay. We packed up and headed north.

About a year ago he had some chest pain and was feeling really poorly. They found some blockages in his arteries and put in stints, etc. He has spent the last year in cardiac rehab and has lost a bunch of weight and changed his whole life, etc. Well turns out he had another blockage in a branch off the back….fill in some official heart medical terminology here…Long story short, after walking over to the garage (fortunately a few blocks from his house) he went into atrial fibrillation (that sounds fancy huh?). Fortunately the mechanics started CPR right away and a nearby off-duty EMT beat the ambulance and defribulated him.

They got him to the hospital and into surgery to remove the blockage. They put a new stint and “jailed” everything so it would stay open. Then they had to put him into a hypothermic coma in the hopes that his brain would come back from it. It was basically hell on earth wondering if he would ever come out of it and then if he did – how much damage would have been done.

My dad was an ICU nurse for many ears and a PACU nurse for the others. He just happened to have called that day and when I called him back and explained the situation, I could tell he was doing his best to not alarm me, but the situation was pretty grave. He assured me that it sounded like they were doing everything they could.

I’ll spare you the long tormenting drama of events – he came out of it! He seems to have some short term memory damage and still has a long recovery and rehab ahead. But the fact that he is still here is a miracle. We were told that he had a 10% survival rate. So we are so thankful. Andy didn’t leave his side the whole time and I was so proud of him.

The Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend we were up there checking on him and a huge snow storm started. It had been raining for the previous 10 days straight.

Colorado has apparently become a rainy climate…not that I would normally complain about that.

Anyway, we considered staying the night, but decided to push home to get to the dogs, etc. So after a very slow drive in low visibility, we were all relieved to be back to the house. We were about to snuggle in to watch a movie, but Andy went downstairs and I heard an ‘Oh shit, come look at this’.

I drag myself off the couch and find the corner of our basement filling with water. This is a time when a sloped basement is a benefit, because the water stayed close to the corner. Andy left a message with a flood cleanup company and we got to work right away moving everything out of the way. Basically my newly organized and decluttered house was instantly fucked up.

We stayed up until 2am sucking up the water with our carpet cleaner. I set up our box fans and hoped we would get up the next day and be able to cancel the service call.

I couldn’t sleep and woke up at 6am to find even more water than the night before. I went back to work. The cleaners showed up at around noon and started tearing out baseboards, removing carpet pad and extracting. They spent about 3 hours in the basement. When they left we had professional fans and a dehumidifier. We knew it was going to be a punch in the face to pay the bill (insurance doesn’t cover floods), but it felt like things were going to be okay.

The next morning the water was back and had spread even further. I had to go to work, so Andy spent the day water-fighting…which sounds fun…but not. This was our fate until Monday of the next week, when it finally dried out. We got the all clear from the cleaners who were testing the moisture content of the walls and what not. $2,400 later – OYE! – we were still looking at a dismantled basement and a lot of work ahead.

That next weekend I had plans to put everything back together and get back to normal, but on Wednesday night the rain started again and water started coming up again. Ugh….blah blah fucking hell blah. Lots of work, no sleep, pissed-offed-ness, etc.

Today we have this:

IMG_9019 IMG_9017

We have a lot to do to put this shit back together, oh and hey, no money to do it obviously. But I at least have a to do list…so that’s fun.

We decided to run and hide get away from it all, so we went on our first camping trip of the year last weekend. It was just what we needed. Andy caught trout and we grilled them over the camp fire, we got to know some friends and contemplated selling absolutely everything we own and moving to the mountains….so tempting, may still do it.

I feel like things have to be on the upswing from all that shit. The gardens are sprouting, despite the torrential rains, I think at least some of the asparagus (that we slaved to get ready for and plant) may pull through…looks like less than 1/3, but I’ll take what I can get at this point. We are broke as shit, but I know we will get on the other side of that too.

So despite this being a borderline depressing post, I will always find a way to get back to the positive side of life. Shit happens to us all and we all muddle through. “Just keep swimmin’ ” – via my Mom via Finding Nemo.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes Shit Just Hits the Fan

  1. Glad to hear from you (although your previous post was more positive and full of good things). This post…man I’m so sorry to hear about Andy’s dad but what a blessing that he was among the 10%! And the flooded basement, that just sucks. We had to deal with that in my childhood home and it was always such a pain in the ass, although it never got as bad as yours. I hope you enjoyed your camping trip and your luck turns around!

  2. oh no glad to hear Andy’s Dad made it. Flooding it sucks. We are experiencing a lot of rain here (it is Winter) this year seems to be bad. The other week both our state highways were shut getting out of Central Wellington and all train lines. Was interesting- we have someone staying at our as they couldn’t get home. It’s happening further south at the moment – crazy weather. I hope that it stops pouring into your basement and that you have some good trips. I love a good trip.

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