Springing it Up

*This post was written a month ago and I just never posted it. But much of life builds on it, so figure I better post it. Better late than never I guess. Whoops!

Why Hello! Hope you are well. Life things have been going great here. Right now I am watching snow fall through the window. Yesterday it was 70 degrees. Colorado is one of the most amazing places and I love it! I expect right now my facebook feed is being littered with “Are you serious? snow?!?” and “I THOUGHT IT WAS SPRING”. I am actually shocked how much people bitch about random spring snow storms…hell they bitch about winter snow! But I love it! Tomorrow it will start warming up again and this weekend it will be warm enough to work on my garden.

I have big plans this year! I have asparagus crowns coming soon and we’ve decided that we are getting good enough at veggie gardening that we are going to replace the wood boxes with longer boxes made of masonry units. I tried to grow asparagus from seed last year….total failure. Not a single one came up…..granted I got them in the ground a little late. Oops. But I figured this year I will start with crowns and hopefully make up for my lost year (asparagus takes about 3 years to establish. BUT then it will sprout for up to 12 years! Can you imagine all the money we will save? Bundles of asparagus are like $4 each and we can eat like two bundles a week! So $30 for 25 crowns is not bad!….sorry for more information than you ever wanted on growing asparagus….but now you know).

So this weekend is going to be spent getting the garden in order. Digging, dirting, starting seeds indoors, etc. I also ordered one of those soaker system kits and timers….I am a little apprehensive that it is going to be a big heap of crap, but I hope not! I need it to work at least minimally because we have big plans this summer!

I just booked a handful of campsites, so as it stands we have one camp trip scheduled for each month starting in May. Then we have a big family trip to upstate NY for the 4th of July. I know our neighbors would offer to water and what not, but that would feel like neighbor-abuse.

I am really excited to get back to NY. I have a ton of friends from grad school and other life events that live nearby. Some of them it has been 5 years or more since I’ve seen them! So I can’t wait. This isn’t the first time that I’ve tried to get back there. But this is the first time that Andy has been interested in going…..that is right…..Andy really wanted to go! For those not as familiar, Andy would probably be a hermit if I didn’t force him to go places and do things. So the fact that he actually said ‘I really want to go this year’ caught me off guard and I knew I had to make it happen.

In other Andy news, all is well with staying home. Not just that, but Andy has actually initiated a huge spring cleaning and reorganization project for the house. We are getting rid of stuff left and right. We set up Jack’s big boy room; it is New Zealand All Blacks themed….naturally. We turned the downstairs living room into the toy room and now the upstairs living room is more open and adult-friendly. We’re instituting a “eating food while sitting down” rule, so there are less crumbs, thus less sweeping. It has been a week since the changes started and I am loving it.

Another big win: my office manager sent some table legs home with me to see if Andy could fix them. They were pretty cheaply made. That little test project forced him to get his workshop set up. He is now semi up and running for starting his welding projects. I was hoping we could drywall the garage and replace the windows and fix the doors but, you know, money and what not. So those things will come eventually, but for now at least he can get going. I have big plans to see if landscapers and/or handimen would want to trade services, because there is just so much we want to get done and so little time and money.

The boys are doing so great. We had their doctor’s appointments yesterday. Jack is still on the skinny side, but he has been that way forever, so he is growing normally. Drew is on the larger size….the boy loves his food….just like his momma. I try not to smear mine all over the place, but it is a learned skill. Yesterday he was eating red jello and I picked him up before I realized that there were big globs in his lap. It looked like I had been shot!

Life is good!


4 thoughts on “Springing it Up

  1. Asparagus – love it.
    Go the All Blacks – it’s a bit of an unusual choice for the US isn’t it?Very normal choice here I am from NZ so they are everywhere. They can be rather pleasant to look at if you get the right posters ….

    • Haha it is a very unusual choice in the US. My husband played rugby growing up (a bit unusual here) and has decided the boys should play it too. Andy is a Springbox fan, but Jack likes the Haka. It is pretty adorable watching him reenact it while we watch.

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