Ah Colorado, Do You Need a Time – Out?

A recent article named Colorado the second “booziest state” (Oregon is #1 if you were wondering). But this alleged “booziness” seems to be based on the number of breweries per person. So maybe we didn’t win this one, but let’s talk about what we would win:

Drunkest Weather

I am pretty sure Colorado would win by a landslide if we compare the crazy-ass weather patterns of various States in the U.S.. Yesterday it was sunny and warm, then at around 8pm, as if someone turned on a switch, giant hail and crazy wind and rain swept in – like a drunken frat boy who goes from laughing and talking to projectile vomiting in a blink of an eye.

Tornado warnings sounded around the State. We scrambled to close up the garages and car windows, trying not to get pummeled by the 1/2 inch ice balls. We stuck our faces to the window to watch and then thought better of it as the hail smacked into the glass. We backed up a few paces.

In a glorious twist of fate – no water came into the basement (knock on wood that it isn’t just delayed).

Upon examination this morning I found most of my veggies were completely shredded. I looked away in sorrow…hoping that a better look this afternoon will show that they aren’t completely lost. But hey, it could have been much worse.

The car appears to be dent free. We didn’t suffer any broken windows. I’ll probably check the roof and siding this afternoon just to be sure those are fine….Andy and I joked that our cheap ass vinyl siding is probably¬†ironically hail-proof. Most importantly – we were all safely indoors.

This morning it is back to warm and blue skies. The forecast calls for similar bizarre weather for the next 4 days. Which makes me think Colorado needs a time-out. It is quite obviously some worn-out and overstimulated toddler who doesn’t like to go to bed and will wreak havoc on any and everyone who tries to tell it to go to bed! “No I won’t brush my teeth and go potty!!! Instead I will pummel you with skull crushing ice chunks!”

Although I think in this case the drunk frat guy analogy is more accurate.

Go to bed Todd-orado, you’re drunk!


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