Well hello there! Welcome to “I was told there would be pajamas”. This here blog is a space for me to spew words that flow out of my brain and into my fingers. Most of it is random, a lot of it is laugh-worthy, and some of it makes sense. So welcome to my brain!

Who’s who?

Me – I am a chick, as you might have noticed, who is inching closer to 30 everyday (weird how that happens). Life has been amazing so far: lots of adventure, love, and laughter. Obviously there is shitty stuff too. But let’s not be a downer in my “about” page.

Doodalood – The husband…..my husband to be exact. He’s pretty awesome and we have been married for 8ish years. Holy crap I am getting old. Sometimes we think we have it all figured out, sometimes we are reminded that we don’t. Ah C’est la Vie.

The Jackhammer – Our much awaited spawn arrived March 2011. Obviously the coolest kid in existence….except for yours…yours is cool too. Tied for first? cool.


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