So I know on January 1st everyone reflects on the failings/short-comings of the past year and tries to improve on them, therefore me doing this now, is like me being the last one to the party…..but the party was a month ago and the occupants of the house moved to a new state. Hello! I am finally here.

I think as we become parents…well really just as we grow up as human beings, regardless of parenting – we are constantly recalibrating our lives. Trying to find the perfect balance of things. It is really only through trial and error that we find a balance. And then we think we’ve got it and then we tip over again….or at least that is how my life goes.

Wanting the most out of life often means sacrifices are made in certain areas and I will admit right now that Andy often gets the short-end of the stick. He doesn’t always get the best of me and in a way, that makes sense. It makes sense that Andy is the most understanding and adaptable and can roll with the punches of life. But that doesn’t mean it is always fair.

With my new career direction, I decided it was also time to make sure this period of time isn’t “all about me”. Because it isn’t. This is obviously a very exciting time for me and I have thanked Andy profusely for coming with me on this long journey that is life, and for supporting me and pushing me and all that smushy-wooshy stuff. But telling him is only a one-part component. We can’t just say, we also must do!

Friday I decided to be sick…I am getting all brave now that there are very few consequences. Take that…boss who doesn’t really care!

We dropped Jack at daycare, rented snowshoes and set off on an adventure, just the two of us. Adventures always have to have starbucks, chips and cliff bars. I don’t make the rules people, I just share those rules with you. We went up to a hike we had done two July’s ago with my dad. There was comfort in that we were familiar with the area, but there was newness in the fact that a coat of snow makes everything new and different.

We meandered up the mountain and took the opportunity, when the trail was wide enough, to hold hands as we trudged along. I can’t tell you the last time we actually held hands for an extended period of time. But it felt so sweet. When you spend 13 years with someone, things like holding hands while you walk can slip through the cracks. So can things like, taking a picture together…. I don’t remember the last picture we had together with just the two of us.


Until now that is! Look…so cute….doesn’t it just make you want to barf with the cuteness?

After our adventure we declared every Friday – Date Day. Although Fridays from here on out are just going to be half days….unfortunately I can’t be sick every Friday and still keep a job up. Lame. But 4 hours per week dedicated to just us will help keep the sparks alive, or at least that is the hope. I told Andy that my new observation about marriage is that you have to keep trying things until you find what works. And you have to keep at it until you die…..which was supposed to sound uplifting, but came off sounding a little depressing. Bahhaa I guess I should take “being a philosopher” off of my resume after that one.

The good news is, our Friday time led into Saturday and we *GASP* held hands for a little while again on Saturday! Can you believe it? Hand holding… 6th grade of us.


Happy Spirit Transformation Journey Anniversary

My Big Butter is weird. He does weird things, says weird things and often times looks weird to….example – we know several people with the same name, so when I will talk about him Andy will ask “my Bob? or Jesus Bob?”…Big Butter looked like Jesus for a while…also his name is not Bob, protection for the innocent or some shit. On my birthday he posted on my facebook “Congratulations on your Spirit Transformation Journey Anniversary!”….because he is weird. And I love it.

My Spirit Transformation Journey Anniversary, aka my 30th Birthday was pretty laid back and epic at the same time….confused? Me too. I am one of those peeps who likes to drag celebrations out…for as long as possible. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like doing that. In fact I will probably be celebrating my 30th birthday up until next September 8th. That is just how I roll.

The celebrations began on Friday 9/7 and just kept going…in fact they are not technically over. I still have the impending arrival of my iphone (what what) and a pedicure…and probably some shopping because shopping is funsies. Also I have a promise of a family get together at this amazing dessert restaurant….desserterie? Is that a word?

First festivity – renewing my license plate registrations…wha wha whaaaaa. No seriously that is what we did. Eh whatever. It was necessary and Andy and I went together, so the Jack-assery was truly a gift. Andy has decided he wants to get the “advancing green energy” specialty plate for his ’72 Bronco. I won’t tell you the gas mileage he gets….it is just better if we don’t say it out loud. No one really believed us that the H3 was a fuel efficient vehicle. Just take our word for it now.

Second festivity – sushi! YAY! In fact Friday night sort of turned into the “stuff you can’t do while pregnant” adventure. We ate sushi, drank cocktails, then went to a family fun center and rode go-carts, played putt-putt, bowled, played ski ball, and drank more beer.

It was awesome. We crashed into bed at about 2am and found ourselves pleasantly well-rested when Jack called out at 11:30a. That kid is awesome and yes he stayed up until 2am with us with little fuss. Jack and I played in the living room…okay Jack played in the living room, I drank an angry orchard because it was almost noon and it was my birthday…. I am a grown-up bitches!

Then it was off to a massage with my SIL – Aaaaammmmaaazzziinnggg -stop for chocolate malts, a fun-filled naptime for the parents (brown chicken brown cow), then dinner with friends and a sleep-over….yes a sleep-over. Like in 5th grade…only with booze.

Emmicakes made me an amazing cake:

Which not to nerd out on you, but it has something to do with this guy.

We had intentions of sitting around the firepit and making s’mores, but after birthday cake, who has room for s’mores? But give us 12 hours and we will rally. The next morning I turned to emmicakes and declared ‘let’s make s’more pancakes!’. You can probably guess they were amazing.

Andy stopped by on his way home from work and we all hung out and chatted for a bit. Then it was home again time. I spent the rest of the day hanging out around the house. Doing regular stuff like laundry and watching movies. It was a great weekend.

Things took a bit of a freeze during the week, but Thursday night it was back to celebrating. My dad came down to take me out to dinner and to pass on a pretty amazing heirloom. More on that coming soon.

Friday we took Pickles (emmicakes hubster) out for his birthday….which I choose to believe is actually about me….because duh, it is all about me. My in-laws watched Jack and brought me some delicious cookies, which lasted me three days…so in my book the celebration went on for another three days based on cookie consumption alone.

Just a great, great Spirit Transformation Journey Anniversary.

Girlie As Shit

Ugh FINALLY!!! I feel like I have had this blogishower planned for the past FOREVER and I am so glad it is here!!! YAAAAAYYY!!!!! Today we are saying Happy Blogishower to BU and the arrival of her impending baby girl!

Now the difficult part….um coming up with something to say….errrrr…….errrr….hmmm…alright so for once the words aren’t exactly coming to me easily. Shocking I know.

First obviously we are all soooo happy that you are having a girl. With two boys of your own and a step-son, not to mention that your significant other is also a penis-wielder, it is about time you got another vagine in the house to try to even some of that testosterone out. Plus let us not forget the shopping potential that is now in your future….oh wait…you already started that didn’t you? Well a girl has to be prepared.

As you know, I was hanging out with Oak and when you put the two of us together, you just never know what you’re going to get… without further ado, our ode to your “Girlie as SHIT!” blogishower! Can’t wait to meet the little miss!

That’s right, we dressed our boys up Girlie as Shit just for you…..they were super excited….oh wait, there’s more!

We deliver, what can I say? Love you lady!

Classy and Fabulous!

I can’t believe this day is FINALLY HERE!!!! The day we get to celebrate the most deserving and beautiful woman finally becoming the newest mommy on the block. A mommy at last! We’ve all waited for this for so long….there just aren’t enough words to describe how absolutely elated I am that my girl E brought her little girl home. CONGRATS!!!!! Miss Am.e.lia Gr.ay or Aggie, as I have decided to call you in this post, you are so loved! All your cyber aunties waited with baited breath for a very very VERY long time. We are so glad you finally arrived home with your mom and dad and filled their waiting hearts and arms. You have overwhelmed them. I am certain they were never sure if that hole would ever be filled and now they probably are thinking ‘what hole?’.

E I am not really sure I can fully describe how much I love you…and well shit, I am already crying. Cry-typing is never attractive. You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever known. If I could spend every waking minute with you, I am certain I would never tire and we’d constantly come up with ridiculous things to say to one another. You have endlessly been here to lift each and every one of us up when we are down and encourage us when we struggle. All the while you’ve had to sit in this perpetual limbo of interviews, being placed, game changes, and now finally FINALLY, it is your turn.

You’re a mom! You have a daughter! You have a teeny tiny human that will love you and cherish you exactly the way you’ve always been meant to be loved and cherished. A little girl! Just exactly what you needed. Someone to go shopping with and bake cookies, and play house, and have tea, and garden. Someday you will get to plan her wedding!….wait I bet you’ve already started that haven’t you? 🙂

Now that I said all that, she may infact be a lesbian rugby player, but you know what? She’ll still do all those things. I don’t know one lesbian who doesn’t like cake, am I right? I can already see you on the sidelines of that rugby game yelling obscenities in your adorable blazer and sensible, yet stylish, flats. You will be the best mother for Aggie. You will be exactly what she needs.

Little Aggie! Auntie Natalie just can’t wait to hold you…I am not gonna lie, I have already started looking at plane tickets. I can’t help it if you are only a few hours away from my in-laws lake house. I did promise them I would come out this summer. What’s a girl to do if I get “lost” on my way there and end up at your door? Obviously I will need to say hello and kiss your sweet little cheeks.

Obviously you deserved the most fabulous shower. Being your momma’s girl, you were in some serious need of accessories. Can’t be outdone by mom! Am I right? So this is your “Classy and Fabulous” Shower. Because in the words of Coco Chanel –

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous

This is already so true of you. I mean look at that face? So camera-ready! You’re mom is a bit of a fan of Etsy. Who isn’t really? After a few hours of shopping around and mentally spending thousands of dollars on you, I decided I must make you something special instead. You are one of my favorite nieces after all. Plus I got your memo from the other day “Aunt Natalie, I need a basic white onesie with a ruffle-butt, preferably in Tiffany blue”. I completely agree. All Classy and Fabulous ladies need something in the Tiffany blue hue. I might have gotten a little excited about the ruffles. Hopefully they aren’t too big, but then again you are latina, so flaunt it girl! After I finished it I decided it looks a little like a sassy flaminco dress, which is also suiting for you. I was going to try to get Jack to model it for me, but he is a little too big and also I am pretty sure Andy would kill me. But here you go a little gift from your Auntie Natalie (I may have more creations headed your way too, what’s a girl to do when she has too much fun fabric?).

To check out the other blogs throwing E a “shower” see the links below. I must apologize if I left you out. I found as many e-mails for people that I could, but a few could not be found. If you want to join in, please do so!

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I will update the list as posts go up. You can leave a comment if I missed you and I’ll get ya up here!

She-Baby Shenanigans

Well peeps another acorn is about to drop out of the Oak tree so it be time to CELEBRATE IN THE BLOGISPHERE!!!!!!! Those of you who don’t know Oak are probably lost because I am pretty sure all of my buddies follow her too.

Basically Oak’s a real bitch. See we were supposed to be baby buddies. Mac and Jack were born 3 days apart and we were both ready for numero dos as soon as humanly possible, ASAHP! Of course she was the only one that worked out for. Therefore – Bitch!

Being of Irish decent, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that Mac-Attack and She-baby will be a mere 15 months apart, those Irish, we know what they do with their free time and it doesn’t have anything to do with potatoes……or at least we hope it doesn’t.

All joking aside, or at least for a paragraph, then we’ll get back to joking – we are all so happy that Oak was able to get “accidentally” (because obviously she was aware she ovulated) pregnant after struggling with IF to get Mac. It is something that all IFers hope for – that someday there might be a time when we don’t have to temp, chart, get stabbed by tiny needles, drink weird concoctions, force our husbands to bang us 52 days in a row, take pills, monitor with u/s, do injections….you get the idea.

Oak is out there showing us that maybe, perhaps that first hard-won pregnancy will be the key to resetting our crazy bodies and get us working right again. Maybe our second kids won’t be a multiple year process. So thank you Oak, thank you for showing us the light. Congrats on getting “accidentally pregnant”… whore!

As is the dealie with bloggy-babyshowers, some of us picked out apparel for the She-Baby. Now I know what you are thinking.

Natalie picked out something truly inappropriate for Oak no doubt!

….and you are right! I found so many inappropriate options for She-Baby that my ass-hole cup had runneth over.

I was in the contemplation stages between a onesie that said “Fuck the Milk, Where are the Whiskey Tits?” and “I’m Cute? No Shit”. But then something happened. A onesie found me.

It found me and it said ‘hey! don’t be an asshole, this is the onesie made for She-baby’. So I obliged. Here you are baby girl. No need for auntie Natalie to give you a shirt with bad words because between your mother and the rest of us, we will get you cussing all too soon as it is.

Also FYI, your name is actually Natalie. It doesn’t matter what your parents decide to name you, you were conceived on my birthday and I told your mom that your name would be Natalie. Boy or girl in fact. Your mom’s response was “my poor son!”. Ha we showed her you were meant to be a Natalie! Way to go in their with the growing of the vagina and what not…..I guess you did all the work.

We can’t wait for you to arrive, we have lots of friends for you to play with. I know you’ll have Macky to look out for you to. As a little sister myself, I must warn you – having an older brother can suck ass for a good….25 years or so. See boys like to sit on you, punch you, handcuff you to chairs, tie your bedroom door knob to the bathroom door knob across the hall so you can’t open your door. Forcing you to crawl out your bedroom window only to realize that now you are locked out of the house completely……just as an example.

Hopefully Mac-Attack won’t be like that. But chances are, sometimes he will. Guess what? There is an awesome ending to that story. When Mac gets to be in his 20’s all of a sudden he will turn into your best friend in the whole world. And then you’ll be like ‘YEAH! It was so worth it to almost get impaled by that hockey puck because my big brother is AWESOME!!!!!’.

I call my big brother Big Butter. Being as I am your aunt, I will totally be cool with it if you decide to call Mac that as well. Just stay strong little lady. Knowing your momma, I would say Mac should actually watch his back!

Also one more thing little girl – turn the fuck over! Geez way to have us all yo-yoing around. It is like back and forth with you. Maybe you really just want to be cut out of there, but listen, the vagina is really the way to go if you can get there. Sure it’s a tight squeeze and what not, but your momma’s is totally already blown out, so it will have way more space now than it did a year ago. Plus I won’t be able to make fun of her vagina if you come out of her belly. Come on girl – do it for me.

I think that about wraps it up. I can’t wait to meet you and hold you in my arms. You’re going to be the best Natalie that ever lived….even if your name is something else. Love you She-Baby!

A Toast To RockStar!!!!

I am so glad this day is here! Because keeping this shit quiet has been hard yo! Our girl Josey is preggos! (after a very long hard IF struggle). But today she is moving into her 3rd Trimester!!!!….well according to some resources… everyone says different things about counting and what not. Whatever. We’re just going to come to a consensus and say HAPPY 3rd TRIMESTER JOSEY!!!!!!oh and ROCKSTAR!!!! In honor of this day, we’ve decided to “throw” Josey a RockBlogiShower…..I have been trying to come up with a good word-mash and that is my favorite. See her blogi friends are all over the country and since we can’t throw her a real in person shower, we thought let’s do a blog-shower….I mean a ROCKBLOGISHOWER!

Josey we are all so happy for you. We were here with you mourning all your BFNs and crossing our fingers each cycle. Your BFP was a BFP for all of us. You and Charlie are going to be such amazing and wonderful parents. RockStar couldn’t be luckier.

This shower will satisfy your requirements because it is impossible to play cheesy shower games via the internet. Since we can’t play the melted-candy-bar-in-the-diaper game, I will just sit here and eat a snickers instead….good compromise (don’t worry, I am not failing my last post already…..I am sitting here eating grape tomatoes and trying to tell myself they are M&Ms….yuuummmmmm…sigh….I wish they were real).

Okay here’s where I talk about Josey:

Josey kicks ass. She is probably in the top 10 of the coolest people I know. Now, not to brag or anything (totally bragging right now), but I have actually met Josey. In fact we hang out like all the time (we’ve hung out twice). We braid eachother’s hair (we’ve never braided eachother’s hair) and she’s told me that I am her absolute favorite blogger in the whole world (she has never told me this). Additionally, I got her pregnant (I did not get her pregnant). See we met up when she was in town for her IUI. I was pregnant at the time and my super magical belly worked its magic on her uterus and voila! her IUI worked. Totally all because of me (not at all because of me). I have it on pretty high authority that if she has a girl she is going to name her Natalie (this is not true at all) because she is so thankful that I got her pregnant. In a few short weeks (this part is true) Josey and her RockStar filled belly are going to be spending four days with me and several of our other bloggy friends. But I am pretty certain that Josey is going to want to share a room with me (actually she probably won’t want to share a room with me because I am a snuggler and I will snuggle her….awkward!) again because I am her absolute favorite (no I am not). We are going to skip around holding hands (I don’t think she can skip right now, she might pop) and singing songs together (um this part might actually be true, it is hard to say, shit is going to get craaazzzyy).

In all seriousness though (I am never serious), Josey we all love you! Those of us who are about to get a shit ton of uninterrupted time with you and your belly are so excited! You are the greatest cheerleader any IFer could ask for and I just hope I have given you half the encouragement and reassurance that you have given me through the last twoish years. I am so happy your dream has come true and you’re going to be such an amazing Mommy!

Now as part of our RockBlogiShower, we’re all supposed to post a picture or link to a onesie that we’re sending you…..uuummm….soooo…here’s the deal. I am making yours. And I was all on top of it, until I realized that I am out of time. Fail. But it is going to kick ass. And your other shower presents (because I promised to make you cloth wipes and give you some other items that we had a ton of) are all ready to go. But as I mentioned I will be seeing you in 15 days (HFS 15 DAYS!!!!!) so you will get to see it/them (I have a tendency to get carried away and I may have bought several onesies….and I have lots of cute ideas…so you might get several….ooopps) very very soon!

Happy Blogishower darling. We love you!