Girlie As Shit

Ugh FINALLY!!! I feel like I have had this blogishower planned for the past FOREVER and I am so glad it is here!!! YAAAAAYYY!!!!! Today we are saying Happy Blogishower to BU and the arrival of her impending baby girl!

Now the difficult part….um coming up with something to say….errrrr…….errrr….hmmm…alright so for once the words aren’t exactly coming to me easily. Shocking I know.

First obviously we are all soooo happy that you are having a girl. With two boys of your own and a step-son, not to mention that your significant other is also a penis-wielder, it is about time you got another vagine in the house to try to even some of that testosterone out. Plus let us not forget the shopping potential that is now in your future….oh wait…you already started that didn’t you? Well a girl has to be prepared.

As you know, I was hanging out with Oak and when you put the two of us together, you just never know what you’re going to get… without further ado, our ode to your “Girlie as SHIT!” blogishower! Can’t wait to meet the little miss!

That’s right, we dressed our boys up Girlie as Shit just for you…..they were super excited….oh wait, there’s more!

We deliver, what can I say? Love you lady!


7 thoughts on “Girlie As Shit

  1. It’s crazy how your love for me has left you speechless. However someone once said, if you’re speechless, dress your sons in dresses and take pictures and video of it. I think it was Plato. Thank you so much!!! I think girlie as shit is my new motto and now I shall also write a theme song. You girls are the best. ❤

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